About Us

Welcome To Double Roti

We have been talking about the idea of a food place for years - whether as a rolls joint, a bar or a fine dining setting its been debated, negated and restated on multiple drunk batch mate nights!

But our story finally began with a hotelier returning home night after night from endless shifts. He would glue himself to Eat St. and all those mouth - watering shows that make you hate the left over cold pizza in the house. A couple of long excited phone conversations later (obviously inundated with all the BCs, MCs you can imagine!), it was bye bye hotel industry and aloha passion- filled unemployment!! Hours of planning and sweating it in chandnichowk and places that evade pronunciation made us as humble as a hotelier can probably ever learn to be!

Who We Are

Double Roti was born on Diwali 2013 and it was born to serve the traveled gastronomic, bringing world food to India literally in tawas and steel cups and mason jars! The walls are adorned by sardar humor and kitsch-ri products - things that tell you about us and we have little black boards so that you can tell us about yourself J. So let this big hearted Punjabi place conquer your phoren food dreams !