Double Roti In Press

Double Roti is a concept brought to life in December 2013, by two friends Japtej Ahluwalia and Nikesh Lamba who studied together in Delhi at ITCs Hotels Management Training School subsequent to which they spent 10years in various properties of ITC Hotels across the country. It is a simple, fun space with a trendy ambience serving honest food and offering value for money. The mantra is that this is the dining option for someone who wants to have a quality, casual meal in under five hundred rupees. It is a neighborhood cafe serving comfort food, like paninis, burgers, pita sandwiches, fries, pizzas, shakes etc. Served in fun quirky stainless steel and wood ware unlike what you would see in other cafes.

The first cafe opened in Delhi during the winter of 2013. It was a tiny hole in the wall which soon became a hidden gem for all burger lovers. Having got the concept and food right, all that the founders needed to grow was an investment and advisory to build the organisation, expand the network and plan their long term strategy. This is where Cloud Nine Hospitality and VM Hospitality came on board to play their part as Angel Investors with a strong track record of having started and operated successful businesses. From then on, there was no looking back, with a second and a third cafe in Chennai within 6 months and Pune thereafter.

Double Roti has been the talk of the town, resulting in it getting featured regularly in media both online and offline. Two of the coveted achievements being, rated amongst the best new restaurants in 2015 by Condenast Traveler India - the most reputed travel and lifestyle magazine and winning the Times food award for best Sandwiches and Burgers for 2015/2016. Besides this, it has continuously been a top rated restaurant across different reviews based platforms.
Double Roti is set to roll out 15-20 outlets over the next 30 months, with the 5th in Chennai in May 2016, 6th in Bangalore in June 2016 and more in Gurgaon, Goa, Cochin, Colombo, Hyderabad etc. by March 2017.